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Dreams Are Gifts

When someone gives you something, be it a compliment, a present, or the time, you say, “thank you.” A gift is given. The best way to address your dreams is to acknowledge them as gifts. Recall them long enough to receive their feelings and soon you will recall more. Accepting creates as much abundance as giving; and in acknowledging dreams, you are both the receiver and giver. Self-knowledge grows into abundance.

There is nothing “secret” or “hidden” about dreams, quite the opposite; they are blatant cries from the psyche, “look at me…look at this life…this situation…this relationship…” They become absurd comedies, nightmarish tragedies and humdrum intermissions on the road to enlightenment. The best way to deal with them, as with any other unknown, is to find out more about them.

Like the best auteur’s films, each frame, each color, each character, each transition, means something. The color of water, the size of its expanse, the turbulence, all mean something different within the context of the dreamer as well as the dream.

Dreams are there for a reason;

they are more clever than a comic’s routine,

more intellectual than a scholar’s dissertation;

they are rap and rock and soul;

they light fires that make days glow.

Dreams are powerful, prophetic, poignant.

Dreams are desperate, diaphanous, dramatic.

There are jobs and insights, solutions and health benefits;

there are past friends, present predicaments and future events.

The closer you are to that link on the other side of the fence called consciousness, the faster you can call up that creative state of mind. The synapse strengthens just like a chest when subjected to the stress of a pushup. The more repetitions imposed on the exercises for the mind, the higher the tolerance for recall and resulting growth. Dreams are the platform where all your senses, your characteristics and your talents meet. And they are there, fist thing, bright and early each morning of every day. A greeting. A memory. A gift. 

Five Things To Look For In Dreams

1. COLOR: What colors reoccur in your dreamwork? Are there lush, green pastures, dark blue waters, brown rocky cliffs, yellow sunsets, orange skylines or purple people? Examine all the symbolic references to each particular color and then all the personal attachments you may feel. Blue can mean sadness as in emotional “blues”; or happiness as in powder blue skies; it may mean intellect or a depth of desire. To some, red is a power color, to others, a warning. Examine the dominant colors in your dreams for the next few nights and see what patterns you discover.

2. SETTING/SCENE: Are your surroundings familiar? Is it your childhood home? Your father’s business? A stranger’s bathroom? A Ballroom? A field? Look at where your dream takes place. Some are contained in one room and thus concentrated on one area of life, while others span highways and mountains and valleys and their scope is equally life-encompassing. Each setting, no matter how inane it seems, is significant. Everything from the height of the ceiling to the pattern in the carpeting has some intrinsic value.

3. CHARACTERIZATIONS: Is your mother your brother and your lover your pet? The relationships you have in life are often juxtaposed in dreams to tell how you relate to that person, and at what level you are in in that relationship. Some are complete nonsense, but upon closer examination, so are some friendships!

Look to the familiar characters in your dreams and see how they treat you or wish to be treated. If the characters are complete strangers, than what characteristics do these strangers share with you? Do you feel threatened? Attracted? Repulsed? Do they remind you of anyone you know and love? Are they mutated or mutilated in any way? Strangers often represent the stranger within, be it odd thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing, or off-the-wall actions which are totally untypical of your personality.

4. EMOTIONS: How do you feel in a dream? This may take greater scrutiny but is usually the most telling aspect of deciphering a particular dream. If you’re afraid of a situation or feel in danger, the dream is reflecting a warning sign on your outward life. Feelings of joy or lightness or flying reflect victories or elation. The mind/stomach emotion connection is greatest in the dreamstate because there are no barriers to intuition and therefore the greatest “gut-feeling” truths are felt in dreamtime. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally each morning. With a little extra concentration you can push that waking feeling back into a dream to the point of “awakened awareness” inside the dream commonly know as lucidity, where questions can be answered, bridges can be burned and futures can be built.

5. TENSE: You are your grown self in a childhood predicament. You are in a present day office situation as a child. You’re safe and secure in your cozy room, yet in the distance a tornado looms. Each of these scenarios represents the various tenses of how you’re dealing with a challenge or how you handled a similar one. Each is unique in describing what aspect of your life needs attention.

If your past needs healing, if your present must change, or if your future needs direction; the most critical period surfaces in the tense of the dream and thus, lays the groundwork to alleviate sticking points in the development of your potential. If you at least recall when the dream took place, you can affirm and resolve to go back there the following night, which subconsciously, puts triggers in your memory to recall more of a dream or dreams on each succeeding night.

Each little nuance of a dream is a key to greater understanding and must be taken tongue in cheek, because dreams are more simile than literal and they came from the state which is totally right-brained; meaning truthful, creative and playful, yet intimately knowledgeable. Only positive thought is permitted in dreamtime and it’s up to you to find the positive messages they offer. They are there to teach you something important. Pay attention to them. Respect them. Learn from them. Grow with them. Give yourself over to them and let them guide you to new worlds of possibilities and magic.

Dreams tell stories but they don’t lie. They are the free mind, personified. They are the real you – the child, the adult, the wise old-timer  – they are the trinity of beings from your psyche and they are here to collect and reflect the superconsciousness of the world through your mind’s eye.



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