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I am driving, walking, at times flying along, but all without vehicles. I see the mountains and the hills and all the trees and grasses between. They are painted as if with chalk. The colors are varied and beautiful, absolutely breathtaking, magnificent. As soon as I point one out, another beautiful one comes into view.

I tell the people around me about them, but at first no one believes me no one else can see them. I am too awed by the magnificence of it all, the whole spectacle, that I don’t bother trying to convince them. I keep pointing things out and soon one person, then another and another sees and finally believes. Debi was the first one able to see them.

Everything has a surrealistic, supernatural color to it. It seems like we’re ascending the mountains from the valley, at times real close and at other times displaying the whole panorama as if from above or from an airplane.

I am totally into each color change I see, especially the purples in the rocks and the mountains. Right next to a purple section is a deep green, and next to that , a bright yellow.

It is breathtaking and completely safe, as if I’m being transported by a higher source.


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Why TypinInc? We are a family incorporated within ourselves; because we are each creative individuals, who work for the common cause of Family. Each one of us have different interests, strengths, talents and abilities. We support each other in our endeavors, helping out as much as possible, in whatever ways we can. But we also have our own means of expression and rather than trying to bend any individual against their will, to be a "family business," is something none of us would tolerate.

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